FAA certifies Bell 407GX simulator

The Frasca Bell 407 Level 7 flight training device at the Helicopter Flight Training Center (HFTC) is now FAA-certified as a BH407GX with NVG capabilities. The new certification allows the training center to take the cockpit from analog to glass, a change that will occur about once a month for students flying Bell407GX aircraft.

The cockpit allows for inadvertent IMC training with eight projector screens providing outstanding visuals, including low, medium and high illumination NVG training.

“We are looking forward to training pilots flying both the BH407 and BH407GX in our flight training device,” said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry. “It takes just four hours to go from an analog cockpit to a glass cockpit, and we will schedule training so that we can accommodate operators using either airframe.”

The flight training device is available to operators for dry lease, which allows operators to use their own instructors and training curriculum. Programs that do not have an instructor can request a referral from the HFTC or take advantage of its “train the trainer” program.